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Patricia Nagtzaam is an interdisciplinary designer and researcher working at the intersections of design, technology and art, exploring different futures and kinships with ourselves or other nonhuman entities, questioning our hierarchies, systems and ethics. Topics they work with include (non) human behaviour, psychology and social problems, robotics and own experiences or observations.

My identity as a designer is fluid, unknown, yet very important. The art of reading Tarot inspires me, and I have been practising it myself for a while. The abstract imagery and the intricate archetypes are ever-changing depending on the topic. Within my practice, I refer back to these archetypes and imagery to improve my work, express my identity and deepen my connection with the Other.

I love to delve into books, papers, articles and existing projects or manifestos from others. This website is partly archive of my research, partly showcasing my projects. I like to play with different perspectives, perhaps the ones that usually don't merge, the ones that are fundamentally against each other. Fusing them and the most intriguing stories arise that we can experience through multiple media.


2019 – 2023 ↗Communication & Multimedia Design (BSc), Avans University of Applied Science, Breda
2022 Prototyping The Future (minor), Avans University of Applied Sciene, Breda
2022 Design & Research Intern, ↗Studio Laura A Dima , Amsterdam


future publication 2022/2023 Time-Capsule: Anticipated Futures – Future Based (zine)

Exhibitions & events

March 2032 Time-Capsule: Anticipated Futures Recap – unknown location
Nov. 2022 Time-Capsule: Anticipated Futures Event – unknown location

2022 ↗This Art Fair – Kromhouthal Amsterdam, Studio Laura A Dima (internship)
2022 ↗FIC Festival – Triple O Campus Breda, Expressive Robotics (group)

2022 / programming / concept + collaborator: Laura A Dima

❲ Consent Pods ❳

installation with tactile sculptures

The consent pods are two sculptures that can be handheld, to inspire people to think of touch and consent. By having the artworks between two participants, touch between them is mediated through a device giving people the possibility to be playful without being held back by (cultural) taboos. This work is part of a series of explorations of touch that continue the previous works of ↗Laura A Dima .

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2021 / interaction, game design / group

❲ Aquaculture ❳

immersive game scene

Aquaculture is a collaboration with Avans Expertise Centre of Technical Innovation, also known as ETI (CARTI). We had the assignment to make an immersive game scene, to experience cities in the year 2050. This project is research-based on trends around urban village and city farming.

2021 / speculative product

❲ Human-Decode ❳

transitioning into the post-anthropocene

Human-Decode is a speculative product designed to question the constructs in our society, the way we live our lives and the way we bring up humans. How can we deprogramme our brain to reach our life purpose and transition into the post-Anthropocene?

2020 / speculative product, product design

❲ Share A Baby ❳

reimagining our relations to others in the post-anthropocene

Share A Baby is a speculative product, designed to make you think and reflect on our behaviour towards animals and what we use them for. In addition to looking ahead and speculating about technology’s power over us. What will our lives look like in the post-Anthropocene, specifically our relations to others?

2021 / speculative scenario, concept & research / group

❲ huManufacturing ❳

a post-anthropocentric experience where humans sacrifice their bodily functions to produce their own devices.

huManufacturing is a post-Anthropocentric project where humans sacrifice their bodily functions to produce their own devices. How can we experience and create a stronger emotional connection between humans and machines, such that machines will be seen and treated equally alongside humans?

2022 / design research

❲ Roombamancy ❳

using a domestic robot as divinatory tool

We increasingly surround ourselves with machines that exhibit autonomous behaviour. They were made to listen to us, but what happens when we start listening to the machine? Roombamancy researches how robots can be used for divinatory purposes: we explore two shifting relationships in this world, the one with robots and the one with the Universe. It is (partly) based on the philosophy of Federico Campagna. Roombamancy is part of the research group of Mark Meeuwenoord, Expressive Robotics, Avans Expertise Centre of Technical Innovation, and part of ↗ Future Based Time-Capsule: Anticipated Futures.

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